This elegant city is one of Spain’s trendiest seaside resorts. It is located in the Bay of Biscay in the autonomous community Basque Country. The breathtaking beaches and the picturesque old town are well worth a visit. San Sebastian enchants its guests with fantastic scenery, hearty cuisine and surprises them with its lively atmosphere and cultural attractions. The city has a temperate maritime climate, with mild winters and hot summers.

Double S is very charmed by San Sebastian and its Burgundian style. With passion and love, we will gladly put together a programme for you. Your guests will linger long beyond their afters, guaranteed.

A few San Sebastian highlights:

Basque cooking

You will visit a local market to buy the ingredients for a meal you will prepare yourself. Everything you need for cooking will be ready for you in a state-of-the-art cooking facility. Fun and good food are guaranteed under the guidance of a Basque chef!


Jai-Alai is a Basque ball game, played in a room with three walls. This sport is marked by its fast pace, where the ball (or pelota) reaches speeds of 300 km/h. After a short introduction, a demonstration will be given by professional Pelota players. It will be time for you to try it next. The winner will receive a typical Basque winner’s hat (Txapela) as a memento.

Pintxos hunt

You will dine in local style at different locations. You will enjoy delicious pintxos: small snacks available in most of the city’s bars. They are gastronomic mini masterpieces. Our experienced guides will take you out for the best, freshest and most exciting pintxos in town.

Sailing in San Sebastian

In the charming old fishing port of San Sebastian, a professional skipper will give you an explanation of the yacht you will be sailing on. He will also ask you for assistance on deck. A picnic lunch will be served on board, and you will sail past the villages of Orio and Zarautz up to the beautiful Getaria.