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About us

For years, we have been organizing custom events with unwavering dedication and love. With passion, creativity, flexibility, empathy, and 100% stress resilience, we enthusiastically embrace every challenge. Nothing brings us more joy in our work than executing a (business) event to perfection.

With our personal yet professional approach, we create unforgettable gatherings, events, weddings, and parties.

We don’t see problems or obstacles, only solutions. We are accustomed to anticipating every situation. Performing under pressure is a daily routine and poses no problem for us. We possess a great deal of empathy, allowing us to provide our clients with something that perfectly aligns with their desires. We excel at understanding what others need, enabling us to handle matters quickly and pragmatically. It’s often said, “We are fixers.”

Our events are  well-oiled machines, with us as the driving force and motor oil.

As a team, we are cheerful, well-traveled ladies. We have a healthy dose of humor and we love life.

Team quote: Together is a wonderful place to be!

Decoration & Styling

Double S Specials Teambuilding

Energizers Evening activities



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