Online Congress

“together apart”

Live events continue to be the most powerful means of conveying a message or getting in touch with potential clients. Recent developments, in particular, will continue to increase the influence of the digital and the choice for online congresses.
The technology to offer an event (partly) digitally have been around for some time now. Large conferences and congresses are more often organised virtually. It is still the best way to share content with your audience.

Some examples:

  • wider reach
  • more interaction (voice, chat, video and polling)
  • efficient knowledge sharing
  • sustainable
  • cost-effective (no location, catering, decoration and speaker logistics)
  • innovative

With its creativity, Double S ensures that your online event equals the experiential value of a live event. We also offer unique and creative online framing. You will use an online platform that we completely personalise to your corporate identity. You experience workshops, speakers, networking, and expositions ‘live’.

Online team building, online drinks with ‘live music’, and lunching together online.

You name it; we’ve got it!